Back In The Loop: Catching Up Over Coffee

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is something magical about a good old-fashioned chat over coffee that can help us reconnect with one another and bring us back into the loop of real-life conversations.

Back in The Loop – Catching Up over Coffee

It’s time to re engage and reconnect, over a cup of coffee or your preferred beverage of choice. I’m thrilled to announce that I’m teaming up with my friend and fellow blogger, Brenda (check out her amazing blog, You Can Always Start Now), for our new series called “Back In the Loop.” This monthly feature will serve as a platform for catching up and staying connected right here on this blog.

After a long hiatus, I’m finally back with a life update and an exciting blog revamp! Although I’ve recently changed themes on the blog, please bear with me as I work out a few remaining glitches.

Let’s dive into what’s been happening in my world. First off, I celebrated my birthday throughout May because, well, it’s a Taurus thing, isn’t it? It was a month-long festivity!

In my new town, I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible seniors. Their captivating stories have me completely mesmerized. I’ve become a regular volunteer at the local Seniors Centre, where I simply love sitting down for a chat, often over a cup of coffee.

One of the seniors, Ed, who also happens to be a retired “shop” teacher, introduced me to the basics of playing pool. Little did I know it would involve a crash course in geometry, trigonometry, and physics! But hey, his guidance helped me sink a ball in the pocket. Success!

Recently, I visited the new antique shop in the neighboring town and had an engaging conversation with the owner. It was such a delightful experience that I now work there on a casual basis. Being surrounded by antique, vintage, and thrift items is an absolute dream come true for someone like me.

In my quest to declutter, I’ve almost completed cleaning out my storage unit. Just one more truck load to go! I’ve been sorting and purging as I progress, making the process much more manageable. The joy of donating a significant load to a new thrift store was incredibly fulfilling. Knowing that my items went to someone who truly appreciates them instead of ending up in the trash was a heartwarming feeling.

Of course, the collector and thrift hunter in me can never resist the allure of garage sales. Over the past few weeks, I’ve attended a few and stumbled upon a piece of Pyrex in a unique pattern that I don’t yet have in my collection. I couldn’t resist buying it, although I haven’t quite decided whether to sell it or add it to my cherished treasures.

Would you have purchased it? Would you keep it or sell it? I paid $20 CAD. It is officially called “Designs” by Pyrex but this pattern is commonly known as “Yoga Butts” or “Arches”.

Stay tuned for more updates and adventures as I continue this journey of rediscovery and exploration. It feels great to be back and sharing these moments with all of you!

I look forward to hearing what you got up to over the past month.

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