Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Like many others across the country, I will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day outside my home by going out to a fancy restaurant with Mr. HANDY. We will stay in, cook dinner and watch a movie, not much different from most nights but just to do something a little special, I decided to make a quick and easy (and inexpensive) Valentine’s Day tablescape using items from the Dollarama. The total for the above tablescape was under $7.00.

Instead of using a tablecloth I decided to make my own table runner from paper and craft paint. I used some leftover craft paper from a roll of craft paper from IKEA and red craft paint from Dollarama. Using a foam paint brush I simply painted XOX and OXO in lines from one end of the runner to the other.

In the centre I added a red valentine candle holder, a red pillar candle and heart shaped candy to the candle holder. I already had the candle and holder.

Plastic champagne glasses featuring XO were filled with heart shaped candy. Paper plates featuring hearts were perfect for serving the Little Debbie Chocolate Shaped Valentine cakes. I folded the red napkins to look like envelopes and tucked heart love messages into each one. To complete the look foiled wrapped heart shaped chocolates were scattered all over the table.

A quick and easy and definitely inexpensive Valentine’s Day tablescape is A Wandaful Thing!

Do you make your own Valentine decorations or create a tablescape? I’d love to see see some pictures.

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