DIY High-End Christmas Pillows

I really wanted some pillows to display for Christmas. I really didn’t want to pay upwards of $40 each. I decided to see if I could find some pillow covers at Dollar Tree or Dollarama and give them some pizazz to make them look like high-end pillows.

To achieve this I found two of the same pillow cover (18″x18″) at Dollarama for $4.00 each. I love this snowflake pattern with the red background.

I uploaded two different images I liked from my Cricut Access to Cricut Design Space. (1000s of free images in you have a monthly design space membership). I decided on the words Merry (and) Bright. I sized them to 10.5 wide x 5.5 tall and cut them from white iron on vinyl . An important tip to remember before cutting is to mirror your image so that when you go to heat transfer the vinyl is it facing the correct way.

Next I weeded the excess vinyl from the design and used my Cricut Easy Press to heat transfer the vinyl to the pillow cover. My press was set at 315 F and I pressed for 30 seconds.

This vinyl is what they call a cold peel, so I waited until the design was cool to the touch before peeling off the clear backing. **( you can use a regular clothes iron for this, set it at the highest setting and make sure the steam setting is turned off).

Once both designs were heat transfered to the pillow covers, I inserted a 20″x20″ IKEA “Inner” pillow form into each one. I don’t find these are very full so I would suggest buying a very cheap standard size pillow from Walmart and use the stuffing that is inside that pillow. It will more than stuff two 18″x18″ pillow covers.

I quite like how they turned out.

Here is a break down of the cost to make two DIY High-End looking Christmas Pillows:

2 x Dollarama Pillow Covers $8.00

1 sheet of 12″x12″ Cricut everyday iron on vinyl $5.00

2 x IKEA “Inner” pillow forms $10.00

It cost me a total of $23.00 to make two high end Christmas Pillows. That is only $11.50, much cheaper than the $30 or $40 you can pay at a big box store. I could have reduced the cost to just $17.00 if I had used the cheap Walmart pillow for stuffing the pillows.

YES, you can DIY on the cheap and it will look like a high-end item from a big box store but without the big box store price.

To me that’s A Wandaful Thing!!!

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