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Michaels’ Boxing Day Sale Haul

As most people know I am not only a vintage hunter but a thrifty bargain hunter as well.  Since I am also an avid crafter, what better way to save, save, save then to hit Michaels’ during their boxing day sales.

I live in Canada so these prices are canadian prices.  I spent $114.60 today but am only showing you $100.00 of it as the other couple of items are for an upcoming birthday party and I’d hate to ruin the surprise…

Here is the break down on prices:    Plaid throws were $18.00 each after discount. The wide ribbon was $6.00 after discount and the two smaller plaid ribbons were $4.20 each after the 70% discount. Great prices for those gorgeous plaid throws.    I had a really hard time deciding which one I really wanted so I bought them both.

The Woodland Pine scented candles remind me of the smell of pine trees in the forest so at a whopping $2.10 after discount, they had to come home with me. The cute treat sacs come 18 per package and were also $2.10 per package. These I will put away to use in a 2020 craft show.  The Plaid gift bags were originally priced at $8.00 per package and the largest ones come 5 per package while the two smaller sizes have 6 per package. After the 70% discount they totaled $2.40 per package. That equals less than 50 cents per gift bag.   I may need to go back for more.         

The great thing about these gift bags and the ribbons is they are versatile for any occasion throughout the year not just Christmas. The candles can be burned in the winter months not just in December and the plaid throws can be used all year round as well.

I bought two deer and one Christmas tree luminary boxes for gifts for next year – they are metal with laser cutout shapes and come with the LED battery. Original price $14.00 sale price $4.20 – I love buying quality items at discount prices.

I had to buy these Gnome picks – I just fell in love with them and at 60 cents a piece after the discount, (originally only $3.00 each) 12 yes 12 of them followed me home cause there is no place like GNOME and they are stinking adorable.

I also bought a 12 x 12 plastic scrapbook case for $5.99 which I desperately need to house my scrap heat transfer vinyl. It currently is shoved in a drawer and, well, is just a total mess – so time to at least keep it all in one easily accessible spot.

All in all in was a good haul. A few items will get stored for next Christmas and a few items will be used and enjoyed throughout 2020.

Boxing day sales are A Wandaful Thing.

Have you been sale shopping? I’d love to hear about your great deals.

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    1. you could use them by tucking into a wreath on your door, in the garden, in a plant, attach one to a bottle of wine for a cute gift idea or even make one a part a gift by incorporating him into the bow 🙂

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