I’m having a JUNKTOBERFEST Sale

One wo(man)’s junk is another wo(man)’s treasure. Well, at least, I hope so. I’m trying to clean out my basement and the seacan that is chalk full of fabulous vintage goods.

I have accumulated a ton of “smalls” as we call them in the vintage world and need to clear them out as I am hoping to focus on upcycling and repurposing items to sell.

I’ve decided to have a BIG supersale and call it JUNKTOBERFEST.  All items will range from $1.00 to nothing over $10.00. The ad I created is listed below. I will offer shipping at buyer’s cost.

Here is a sneak peek of just a few of the items up for sale.

As well as ….some paintings

Some lighting…

There will be ceramics, teacups, kitchenwares and ooooh so much more.  There will be new items added daily.  I do hope you get a chance to stop by online and check it out.



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2 Responses to I’m having a JUNKTOBERFEST Sale

  1. Will be checking it out. Will it take place the whole month of October?

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