Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #6

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #6. I am so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds!

With yard and garage sale season in full swing there has been no lack of places to go or things to buy.  The hardest part of being a vintage vendor is NOT buying everything you see just because you like it or it reminds you of your childhood.

Since my last post I’ve been to two more town wide garage sales and a few out of town favorite thrift shops. I will show you some of the finds from those two town wide sales as well as a free item I picked up and have already painted for a very special little someone.

I picked up this Vintage waterfall desk at one of the town wide garage sales. Although it needs an update to the paint and some new hardware, it will be a great piece once it is finished. My favorite part of this dresser are the castors on the bottom, it sure made it easy to move. SOLD for $50.00
Here is a pretty little juice pitcher with 2 glasses.  This is a vintage juice pitcher from the 70’s made in Italy and is surprisingly heavy for its size. Selling for $15.00


A very unique set of eight coasters. They appear to be from the 1950’s or 1960’s. The wood is in excellent shape, with a nice metal decoration on top. The coasters have cork in the middle and they are in excellent shape. They would be great in your living room or for use on your patio this summer. They sold for $12.00


I was very excited to come across this little beauty, it is in terrific shape for its age (nice solid wood with dove tailed drawers). The color caught my eye as did the fabulous vintage hardware.  This was a free find on the side of the road.  It did need a little bit of work. A fresh coat of paint, minor repairs and it was ready for my grandson’s bedroom.  You see he turns 2 this month and his mom was looking for a taller dresser for all his clothes.  She told me she wanted a dark grey/black and I took a chance and went for it. I cannot wait to deliver it later this month. Dresser $0.00 repairs and paint $ 25.98

Oil lamps always seem to sell, especially when they are in good condition and priced reasonably.  I found a nice pair of bunkhouse wall mount oil lamps with heat deflectors. One is older than the other and has had the Queen Anne burner replaced as well as a new wick. The other one all parts are original.
Chimneys are in good condition and there are no chips or cracks. Sale pending at $40.00 a piece.

I admit I am a sucker for a fat chef (after all they say you can’t trust a skinny one).  This guy was hiding on the ground in one of those “every day is a yard sale” kinda sale. The poor guy was covered in grass clippings and it was like he was reaching out to me for help, ha ha! I took him home, cleaned him up and snapped a picture. Not sure what I will do with him, sell him or keep him, but he sure is fun to look at.




That’s all for this post and I hope you come back next time as I am sure I will have lots more to share with you.

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