Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #2

Welcome to Vintage and Thrift Hunting – this is Post #2

Quick recap :Since one of my favorite pastimes is vintage and thrift hunting, I’ve decided to start a regular feature here on the blog about the fun and interesting things I find whether I am scouring thrift stores, garage or tag sales, antique markets or estate auctions.

I do sell some of the items I buy, sometimes I repurpose them, mostly I don’t because I like them just the way they are. If the item is for sale, I will mark it available and if it’s not for sale you will see these initials NFS. I will put a link below to my selling site if you are interested.

The weather was so nice on the weekend a road trip was in order. These cheese crocks were sold as a set in a very unorganized thrift store (I never judge a book by its cover, the best deals are the ones you dig for). I decided to sell the two smaller ones and keep the larger one for my collection. They were in excellent condition.

My next find were these nine puzzle blocks that turned into four different puzzles. Very economical as well at just $1.00. I’m displaying the bunny side  for Easter. (NFS)

When I saw these arch shaped frames (there are two), there was just something about them and when I flipped them over there was a write up about the artist, Michael Kulicke. Turns out these frames are collectible. I haven’t decided whether or not to sell them. If I find the perfect spot for them, I will keep them but I guess I can’t keep everything…lol


I collect rolling pins and I love nutcrackers but I only have Christmas related nutcrackers. When I saw this little guy, I actually squealed with delight. His hat was not attached but I easily fixed that when I got home with some E-6000 glue.  He is currently sitting amongst. my bean crock collection. (NFS)


I’m a sucker for Vintage teacups and saucers and this little pink set was in my cart before I could blink. I think it might become part of my Easter tablescape decorating.

Next were these vintage spice boxes and they are still full. Love the vintage look of these boxes. These also are hiding amongst my bean crock collection as well.

My last find for this week was this HOME wall decoration.  I don’t think it is Vintage but I liked all the words that the letters spelled out.

Vintage Hunting –  Its’ A Wandaful Thing!

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  1. I have a small Robert kulicke Gothic arch mirror. Would you sell me one of yours ? If you don’t find a spot for it?

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