Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

I often try to think of different and unique ways to a wrap a gift. I have an absolute love of canning jars and vintage aprons so when I saw this idea over at Evermine blog I knew I was going to do this for my own mom this year for Mother’s Day.

apron-inajar-4Here is the vintage apron I will be giving her. Thank goodness this is a quick and easy DIY, which means I still have time to get it done.

                                Mother’s Day Plant Idea – M.O.M.  Herb Container Garden                                                                 Another great idea and the kids can help too…                                   Full tutorial at JDaniel4smom


I was so excited when I saw this as I’ve always wanted one. The title  says it all – check out the video tutorial.Source


For all the cat loving mom’s check out the pink samurai  for this is so cute and so easy, DIY embroidered cat tote bag.


A flower bouquet that will last all year.  Try this pipe cleaner flower bouquet, instructions can be found at, the colors are so bright and vibrant.


These are easy and quick DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas –A Wandaful Thing!

I know I wouldn’t mind getting any or ALL of them for Mother’s Day – LOL

Which one is your favorite?

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