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Baby Shower Ideas – A Wandaful Thing

A close family friend recently gave birth to a baby girl.  Instead of having a baby shower before the baby arrived, it was decided to have a “meet Trinity” party after the birth.  I was honored when I was asked to contribute some of my creativity to the party and even more excited when I was told the colors were pink and white.


I decided to incorporate some food into the decorations.  The crepe paper sucker flowers made a lovely contribution to the tabletop and were easily made using crepe paper, scissors and tape (suckers too of course). I made a baker’s dozen over the course of a few evenings . I made two different types, one I refer to as the carnation(pink) and the other a daisy (white).  If anyone is interested in how any of my creations were made, I will post tutorials for you.

crepe sucker flowers

These marshmallows ballerinas were also quite popular, I think most people took them home for their children – I love marshmallows and I am a kid at heart – win win lol

ballerina 1

This baby girl is definitely a little princess, I made (from scratch) vanilla cupcakes but they needed toppers.


I wanted a tiara or a crown for a topper.  I originally was going to buy the toppers but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  I decided to make a version, using my Cricut, which allowed me to personalize them. I think they are pretty cute…

cupcake toppers 1

Who doesn’t love shortbread cookies or Rice Krispie squares? The shortbread cookies were decorated with the same icing as the cupcakes and the Rice Krispie squares were displayed on a vintage milk glass cake stand decorated with polka dot tulle.

shortbread 1

rice krispies

They say red is the color of love but on this day it was definitely PINK 😉 

Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that’s what baby girls are made of

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