Pumpkin Ornament from a Mason Jar Lid

I love pumpkins and every year I try to find a new way to repurpose something old and make it into something new, like some form of a pumpkin.


Pumpkin for blog

Pictured above is what I made last year from 4×4’s  that were left behind by the previous owner of our little house. Here is the link to that post if you want to read how I made them


This year I saw something on the website “Surviving the Stores” that caught my eye and decided to make my own version of it.

Mason Jar Pumpkins leftovers

Here is a picture of the items I used to make my version of the mason jar lid pumpkin.

pumpkin lid supplies


Three mason jar lids, they don’t need to be new (as you can see), orange paint (I think the spray paint would work best, but I like to use what I have on hand), foam brush, something to glue the lids together, I like Weldbond (glue gun or white glue would work just as well), spray lacquer (if you use spray paint you won’t need this step), something for a stem (cork in this case) and something for a vine, I used heavy-duty jute – which is upside down in this picture – lol

  1. Paint your lids orange, mine took three coats.
  2. Overlap the lids and glue them together and wait patiently for them to dry……………….sigh! I am sooooo NOT patient.
  3. Once dry (finally) spray them with the lacquer and let that dry…..more waiting -ooh the torture!!
  4. Add your stem (cork)and vine(jute)and Voila a cute little pumpkin decoration.

finished pumpkin deco 2

Really this whole process only took about an hour or so and during all of my waiting I did do other things, like put supper in the oven, unload the dishwasher and clean the bathroom, but trust me I would rather have been crafting…. 🙂

Now, where to put it?

How would you display it?

A cute, cheap, easy pumpkin decoration from old canning lids, now that’s

A Wandaful Thing.

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