Where in the world was “A Wandaful Thing”???



I must apologize for missing a post on June 30,  because for the first time ever we took three weeks vacation (in a row) and believe it or not some of the places we visited did not have any cellular or internet service 🙂 .

We went back to my home province of Nova Scotia and spent much of the time on Cape Breton Island.

We covered a lot of territory and I can happily say I can check some items off my Summer Bucket List.

I must thank my dear friend Amelia P from You Can Always Start Now for jumping in and doing a guest post last Monday – what would I do without her? Happy to report we did get to have a face to face visit.

The main reason and most important reason for our trip was to be….

present for the birth of my first grandchild.  I know anyone who is a grandparent can definitely relate to the joy that I am feeling.

Before we left for our vacation we made a bucket list of things we wanted to do which included; visiting friends, taking in tourist attractions, eating seafood (and other local favorites) scouring the beaches for seaglass AND of course, treasure  and antique hunting.

We had so much fun scouring shops, barns, antique stores, yard sales and thrift stores, I even managed to score the amber colored Javex bottle that is shown above. I had never seen one before so of course I had to have it – I also wanted  two vintage cameras from the same barn sale so the Hubs haggled for me and got the bottle for free with the purchase of the two vintage cameras.

There were so many things we wanted to buy but we were limited to what could fit in our suitcases – you’d be impressed with how much we actually did stuff in our suitcases and brought back with us!!

A few of the spots visited included the Cabot Trail, Peggy’s Cove, the Annapolis Valley, Halifax Waterfront and the beach in my dad’s backyard.

What’s a trip to the East Coast if you don’t get your fill of seafood. On the East Coast when you buy live lobster and cook it yourself and enjoy it with your family it is known as having a “Feed of Lobster”.

I’ve spared you the pictures of everyone with their lobster bibs on, cracking lobster, splattering each other and basically eating with our fingers – but as you can see from the pictures above there was lots of lobster for everyone, not to mention, deep fried clams, fried fish and of course seafood chowder.

One of the many delicious meals we had included homemade fishcakes made by my older and fabulous sister. She always had the knack for making them and I will confess hers always turn out better than mine!

Are you wondering what the stuffed chicken is all about??  I took that picture when I was ordering one of my favorite things…My very first food stop when I hit the town my parents live next to is called A&K Lick-A-Chick. In my opinion it is just the best darn fried chicken EVER. I’m pretty sure they are world famous for that name and the only place you can get this fried chicken is on Cape Breton Island. I will confess I was there three times. Here is a picture to prove the place exists. lol.7055320

Scouring for seaglass, sightseeing, eating my favorite fried chicken, getting my fill of seafood and breathing in the salty sea air were all items on my Summer Bucket List but nothing beats spending time with my friends and family, especially the newest addition.

Vacation on the East Coast is A Wandaful Thing!!

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