Grocery Bag Storage

Many many years ago, what I’ll refer to as my former life, I had a friend whose grandmother use to fold her grocery bags into small triangles for easy storage. I loved this idea and I had her teach me how to do it.

grocery bag

I have to admit though I didn’t keep it up for very long.

Then came along the reusable bag craze and my collection of plastic bags dwindled to a manageable amount.

When I found myself with too many plastic bags I would donate them to the PKU office at the local hospital.

Now I find myself with a kitty cat and a vintage trinket business where I tend to need and use plastic grocery bags (you can figure out why lol regarding the kitty cat).

I needed one today and when I looked in my cupboard to retrieve a bag I was embarrassed to see the mess I let my bags get into. I’m almost ashamed to show this picture.

photo 3 (57)
Oh wait this is the outside of the cupboard…

photo 4 (46)


For some reason the triangle method popped in my head and I knew it had to be done. I started on the mess and within a half hour I had it looking like this. Now there is just one bag holding all the others, must neater, much better.

photo 1 (63)


This is one of those small easy DIYs that can make a big difference.

Folding a bag into a triangle is quite easy but here is a link to this method and another method of folding (which I’ve seen done but haven’t tried).

Something old is new again….it’s A Wandaful Thing!!

How do you store your bags? I’d love to know!

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  1. OMG ! I used to do this when I was younger and my parents loved it ! Pretty sure we still have bags folded like this at the bottom of our bag storage ! 😀

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