My Latest Venture…

I love the thrill of the hunt. I always have and I think I always will.

I can shop at thrift stores and go to antique auctions all year, but as soon as I see the first sign of Spring I get excited knowing I’ll soon be spending time scouring garage sale after garage sale looking for vintage items and other trinkets and treasures.

My latest venture includes my selling these vintage items, trinkets and treasures in my Etsy Shop, on Pinterest and on my own FaceBook selling group entitled Wandaful Things, Trinkets and Treasures.

These sort of signs make my heart begin to race and my palms sweat in anticipation of what I might find…

While I can’t keep all of the items I buy, I  have a hard time parting with most of them.  I get a huge thrill out of finding two identical or near identical items as I get to keep one and let someone else enjoy the other.

Here are some recent finds from a day of hunting…

photo 2 (52)

The one rule I have is I won’t buy something unless I know I would keep and display it in my own home.

It’s always a bonus if I find something I can turn into something new or different, like this old vintage fruit crate – soon it will be a cat bed (work in progress).  My kitty cat had to inspect. I think he approved! I will show the final product in a later post.


Are you a fan of garage sales or thrift stores? What kind of things would you look for or bring home?

I’m already looking forward to checking my sources for the next upcoming garage sale and of course keeping my fingers crossed for warm weather.

Garage sales, thrift stores and auction sales are A Wandaful Thing to me!!!




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