4×4 Tiered Candle Holders for the Patio

I am a big fan of the blog One Good Thing by Jillee and on Saturdays she always takes what she calls a “sanity” break from blogging. I found myself in the same boat this week, needing a sanity break,  as I ended up with so much on my plate…. so I’ve resurrected a post from the archives which I hope you enjoy. Perhaps with the warmer weather on the way it might actually be quite timely as if you get started now you can enjoy these candle holders on your patio or deck all summer long!

Originally posted December 10, 2014


Back in November (2014) We had a temporary “get us through the winter safely” fix up on our front door step  and I was so excited when I discovered there was left over 4×4 lumber.

So, just like back in October re the wooden pumpkins I made with the pieces of 4×4 that L cut for me.  Shown here…IMG_0660I had L do the same thing with the leftover 4×4 from the front door fix.  He cut and sanded for me 1 x 6″ high, 1 x 8″ high and 1 x 10″ high, only this time he drilled a hole in the middle on top using a 1 3/4″ spade bit for a tea light candle.


I couldn’t really decide what colors I wanted so I went to my paint stash and let what I had on hand determine what colors they would be. As you can see I went with red and white.

I painted the smallest one (6″) red, the 8″ one white and the 10″ one red.

Then I painted the 6″ one white (two coats), the 8″ one red (two coats) and used masking tape to make stripes on the 10″ one and in between the tape I painted it white (two coats)….are you confused yet??? LOL


I did this so that when I sanded the corners the bottom color would show through for a more weathered and worn look.

L commented that the red and white one looked like a lighthouse and ya know I’m kinda OK with that considering I am from the East Coast of Canada!!

Sooooo, I figure I can use these all year round, not just at Christmas……I can already see them on the patio, perhaps the lighthouse  one will light my way some foggy night safely back into the house LOL.



Whether you use them at Christmas or in the warmer months on the deck or patio – I think it’s A Wandaful Thing!

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