Let’s be nice this season -Snippet from the Surly Mermaid

December’s Snippet from the East Coast Surly Mermaid…

Let’s be nice this season.

I am aware that I am snippy and from time to time and have been known to wear that dreaded “resting bitch face,” but as the Holidays fast approach, I am doing my best to try to be nice. Holy crap it’s hard.

I am determined to be nice to retail workers. I figure that they have families to feed and lives outside of the stores. I can’t even imagine  all the crap and stupidity that they must withstand daily.

I give water or food to the regular street people in my area. I am not paying for any addictions but hungry is hungry.

I am attempting to have more patience with drivers. If they are in a hurry honking at me I won’t flip them the bird. Maybe they are on their way to the hospital or their child is sick at the daycare. Who knows?

That’s all I can manage for right now. Those couple of family members that I have mentioned that seem to despise me: my alien step-daughters and my brother’s 2nd bride,  well I can’t change how they feel towards me but I can give them a break.

So during the season I will not attend any functions that involve all of us. Okay I know that I am cheating because I benefit from this too but it’s a work in progress, as is life.

Until next time…Happy Holidays (and I am not afraid to say that) and let’s be nice this season!

Thanks Surly for this latest post and yes, let’s all try to be nice this season – that would be A Wandaful Thing!!!

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