DIY: Painted Antique Metal Heating Vent Grates

These two metal heating vent grates were given to me by a friend who was renovating her house. I am so fortunate that she knows me so well that I was the first person she thought of  and asked if I wanted them.  HECK YES!!!!

Here are the before pictures….

This one is 15 inches wide
This one is thirteen inches wide


I painted one red and one black. The spray paint I used was given to me so this entire project cost me zero dollars and one hour of labour…..that’s my kinda of DIY!

This is the heat register that got covered with one of the finished painted grates.  It was just the right size – YAY!

The other grate was hung for decoration purposes only.

The total wall space available here is thirteen and a half inches…

Now for the after pictures…….

This grate is in our master bedroom and the only thing that got a new coat of paint so far…(the walls need painting) it will get done, it’s on the wishlist 🙂
This one is positioned low on the wall at the top of the stairs. I wanted it to look like it was a working vent. I just love the red….

I think they look great…..it’s A Wandaful Thing!!!

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  1. They definitely make a statement. Great idea putting it at the top of the stairs splash of color and a surprise (always good!!!) Well done.

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