Reusing Keuriq K-Cups

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Reusing Keuriq K-Cups

Twinning English Breakfast tea is my favorite type of K-cup tea to use in the Keuriq. I seem to have difficulty finding this particular brand in my local grocery stores and whenever I go to the big box american store they always seem to be sold out. I have recent found it at Home Hardware in a little town not far from me – YAY!! Since Home Hardware is locally owned and operated that is where I will spend my dollars. It costs $16.95 for a box of 24. So if you do the math that costs $0.71 cents per cup.

Today, I decided to try to reuse the K-cup. I peeled off the foil top, composted the wet tea leaves and refilled the cup with the contents from two teabags – I put a small piece of aluminum foil over the K-cup, securing it tightly, then I lined up the hole (if you line it up to 12 o’clock you can’t go wrong), put my cup under the spout and hit brew – VOILA! out came the lovely hot liquid tea in my cup. I was so excited, until I tasted it….YUCK it was too strong – dah – not sure what possessed me to use the contents of two tea bags – I was probably thinking I needed more like you do with coffee…. Soooooooo, back to the drawing board. I emptied the cup, rinsed it out, filled it with the contents of only one tea bag this time and put another piece of aluminum foil over top, secured it down, popped it in the holder, put the handle down and hit brew (again) – fingers crossed and YES it was perfect this time.

Why did I do this? I’m just one of those curious types and just had to see if it could be done. :) I’m not sure I would go to this much trouble again for tea, considering you can just throw a teabag in your cup, push the handle down and hit brew and let the hot water pour into your cup and wait a few minutes for your tea to brew. I think it would definitely be worth it for frugal coffee lovers who drink 3-4 cups or more per day though.

Got any other cost saving tips you want to share, send me an email or leave a comment. It would be A Wandaful Thing to hear from you.

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