Count Your Blessings


You are probably thinking I am going to tell you I am thankful for my new food processor, which I am, but that’s not what this post is about, not exactly…

Although I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my family or friends (sniff, sniff) or cooking or eating a turkey dinner (pout, pout) that doesn’t mean I don’t have many, many reasons to count my blessings and be thankful.

Due to the nature of the business L is working this weekend in a small town a couple of hours from where we live, so rather than us spending the weekend apart and alone, I decided to tag along. I’m still spending most of the day by myself but realized how blessed I am to have this time to myself to discover a place I’ve never been, have time to relax, time to blog, time to read and have time to reflect on all the reasons I feel blessed.

N0w about that food processor……

On Thursday night I was making cookie balls and using my old faithful food processor to crush the cookies, well it croaked just as the last cookie was dropped down the shoot. Needless to say I was upset for a couple of reasons a) the food processor was my mom’s – she let me borrow it (lol) over 20 years ago and every time I used it I thought of her b) I was in the middle of making cookie balls – Hello!!

On Friday  L received a gift card from work…when I asked him about his day he didn’t even mention this gift card. It wasn’t until he emptied his pockets on the kitchen table that I even noticed it….fast forward – he took me to look for craft supplies (I still can’t drive at night due to the eye surgery) when I had no luck finding what I was looking for he suggested we go to the “gift card “store, I was thrilled as I thought to myself yes he wants to buy himself something, WRONG! He went straight to the food processors and proudly says pick out whichever one you want. I DID NOT want him to spend HIS gift card on something I wanted but he insisted because how else would I make him more cookie balls…. :0) and it was his way of telling me how he feels.

SO yes I am thankful for my food processor but it also reminded me to count my blessings and not to let any opportunity go by to tell the people in your life how you feel about them.  Looks like I have a few phone calls to make.

Count your blessings – It’s A Wandaful Thing!!

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  1. Wow congratulations on the food processor…so excited for you !!…love you !! Yvonne J xoxoxo

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